ROVL (Limburg Authority for Road Safety)

ROVL (Limburg Authority for Road Safety)

Campaign 'Rewarded in traffic'

On October 15 a new pilot program started in 8 municipalities from Limburg - 'Rewarded in traffic'. With the help of 2 campaigns that roll out at the same time, motorists driving within the speed limit of 30 km/h through residential areas are rewarded on the spot. The pilot program takes places under the motto 'Maak van de nul een punt' (make a point out of zero), the initiative that aims for 0 accident victims. You can find out more about this initiative from ROVL on

The two campaigns for safe driving ('Like je Wijk' and 'Klaar over') will conclude its results on the 10th of December. Grontmij had already carried out speed measurements in the 8 municipalities before the campaign started, and it will continue to take measurements throughout the course of the campaign in the respective neighborhoods. The results will be analyzed and compared in collaboration with behavioural change experts, to see if the rewards system for good driving behaviour and the active engagement of people in the neighborhood had a positive effect on safe driving. 

The campaigns benefit from a wide media coverage, from the Telegraaf to the L1. You can watch an interview with Bert Pastoor from ROVL by following the link below: 

You can also find the actual scores and photos of the motorists rewarded for safe driving on the sites of the campaigns:

To keep track of the latest news on the campaigns, please follow the updates on the campaign Facebook pages: