De Argumentenfabriek

The question

De Argumentenfabriek is an independent analyst firm that helps organisations get insight into complex problems by visualising information in the form of maps and movies. Argumentenfabriek therefore deals with information clarity and their main value proposition is helping organisation with their clear thinking. Their request for Total Active Media was to build a new website that would align itself to this value proposition and show their true identity online.

The challenge

The goal for Total Active Media was not only to develop a website that would emphasize the value of the visual information from the maps and movies being produced by De Argumentenfabriek, but also to help with the sales process for the end-products (maps) through an online shop setup. The online shop would then optimise both the process and the presentation of the end-product online.

The concept

We developed a new website around the idea of offering more ‘space’ for the visuals to communicate their own value. An airy website with clear lines and plenty of white space now brings the most important items into focus for the visitor. The viewer has the possibility to see larger frames of the maps before deciding to purchase them through the online store. Better pricing scales also make it easier for De Argumentenfabriek to organise and optimise their online sales process.

The added value

The content is the cargo of the Argumentenfabriek website. Therefore the new design and concept sustains the content and places it into the spotlight, offering all the possible aid for the visitor to understand the product, preview it and order it online. The Argumentenfabrik now has a better optimised online sales process and its online presence focuses on the core value of their business.

About the project

Placing the content in the spotlight: a website concept built around the idea of offering more space for the content to communicate its own value.